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Guardian 24,032/Orlando – what does doordie mean?

Posted by loonapick on March 23rd, 2007


I have found some of this week’s Guardian crosswords very challenging, and, given that I also had a Times blog to do today, was anxious that today’s would also be difficult. No such fears – a very straightforward puzzle by Orlando, with easy clues, fairly common words, and few tricks, so this blog entry is not very long.

My only real gripe relates to the indication of the length of the solution to 28ac – see below.  Apparently this only appears in the online version, and is fine in the print version (thanks michod!)


1 CATHODE – (the coda)*

5 CARAMEL – C(hARd)AMEL – very good & lit. surface.

9 MECCANO – (can come)* – was always a Lego kid myself, so was glad to see 24dn.

15 ANHYDROUS – AN(H(ydr)*OUS(e)) – the most difficult word in the crossword?

23 SUBALTERN – (blues rant)*

28 DO-OR-DIE – (<=Drood)I.E. – this is indicated as a seven-letter word, but surely it should be either (2,,2,3) or (2-2-3) in a daily puzzle. (7) for (2-2-3) would be acceptable in a barred grid puzzle like Azed or Mephisto, but not in a daily puzzle.




17 BU(s)-COLIC

18 YANKEES (<=seek nay)

20 AFEARED – (deaf ear)*

21 KINTYRE – KIN-(try)*E(gmont), made famous by Paul McCartneys No 1 hit Mull of Kintyre

24 LET GO – LE(wesT)GO

3 Responses to “Guardian 24,032/Orlando – what does doordie mean?”

  1. says:

    I assume you did it online – my paper version had 28 across as 2-2-3.

  2. says:

    But I was definitely feeling a bit doordie this morning after overdoing it at the sloggers and betters session last night!

  3. says:

    I was feeling a bit anhydrous too!

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