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Enigmatic Variations 1009: Rash by Kcit

Posted by Dave Hennings on March 24th, 2012

Dave Hennings.

A lot going on in the preamble here, but everything was spelt out relatively clearly!

There were extra letters in subsidiary indications which, together with three unclued entries, gave a quotation from the person in the fourth unclued entry. There were also clashes in several cells to be identified, and we were told that five letters were involved with each clash. These five-letter clashes consisted of the same four-letter word plus an extra letter. The extra letters could be arranged to give the word missing from the quotation.

EV 1009 SolutionNothing too difficult here, despite the gremlins (see below). The four-letter word was SPOT, and the unclued entries were fairly easily identified by crossing letters. It all ended with the following quotation and author, with unclued entries in upper case, extra letters in bold and missing word in red:


Thus we were required to enter red spots in the squares involving clashes to represent the tell-tale sign of measles.

Here are the clues with redundant definitions:

No Redundant Definition Answer Extra Letter
9ac jazz composition STOMP M
14ac old bar ESTOP E
17ac Colombian city PASTO A
31ac jobs POSTS S
23dn plans PLOTS L
25dn sauce PESTO E
26dn prevents STOPS S

EV gremlins: 6dn enumeration printed as (8, 2 words); 15dn does not give an extra letter in the subsidiary indication.

Solving time: about 1¾ hours.

Definition in clue
CLASHES, initially entered in a single square
[Redundant definition] in clue
ABC* = anagram
ABC< = reversal
abCDef = hidden

No Entry Extra
Clue and Explanation
9 SPARER One not harming [jazz composition], standard in series (5)
PAR (standard) in SER (series)
10 UNLOST I Not missing anagram of solution, nothing less (4)
(SOLUTION – O (nothing))*; not often that the anagram indicator is “anagram of”
11 IHRAM S Holy Islamic state is hard to be followed by a male (5)
IS H (hard) + RAM (male)
12 KEFFEL A Marijuana? Marijuana brought back for local nag (6)
KEF (marijuana) + LEAF< (marijuana)
13 PECK N Kiss? Pete’s first kiss (4)
P (Pete’s first) + NECK (kiss)
14 CAGY [Old bar] secretive about Gamay that’s lacking heart (4)
CA (about) + GY (GamaY lacking heart)
17 STINGS [Colombian city] police operations can start to grate aboard ship (6)
TIN (can) G (start to Grate) in SS (on board ship)
19 WETNURSES I Nannies ruin sweets, being misguided (7)
21 ANATOLIA T One international body backing retinue in most of Turkey? (8)
A (one) + NATO (international body) + TAIL< (retinue)
24 RANDAN I Uproar: Church spurning weather ceremony (6)
RAIN DANCE (weather ceremony) – CE (church)
25 ABUT S Lean on a sculpture (4)
A BUST (sculpture)
28 KAKI T No longer serve young ferret a persimmon (4)
KA (serve, no longer) + KIT (young ferret)
29 DISPLAY H Beauty and fun in show (6)
DISH (beauty) + PLAY (fun)
30 PLIGHT E Predicament recording electromagnetic radiation (5)
EP (recording) + LIGHT (electromagnetic radiation)
31 ASPORT Rarely take away [jobs] left after a closure of business (4)
PORT (left) after A S (closure of businesS)
32 MISSTEP O Female writer of verse recalled error (5)
MISS (female) + POET< (writer of verse)
No Entry Extra
Clue and Explanation
1 SHIP-OWNER F Marine businessman, note, investing in ability to chase fish at sea (9, hyphenated)
N (note) in POWER (ability) chasing, ie after FISH*
2 ISOTHERE T One group accepting different indicator of temperature (6)
I (one) SET (group) containing OTHER (different)
3 KRAKEN H Sea-monster overturned boat, faintheart suppressing shriek finally (6)
ARK< + HEN (faintheart) holding K (shrieK finally)
4 NEMN E Formerly name blokes in Newcastle (4)
NE MEN (men from Newcastle, ie the north-east); should really have a ?
5 ERKS H Members of air force try to offload a Skyhawk and Hercules ultimately (4)
HEAR (try) – A + KS (skyhawK & herculeS ultimately)
6 SWEET POTATO U We eat out and spot rotten vegetable (9, 2 words)
7 ALEGGES M Eases old men, suppressing urge (7)
MALES (men) holding EGG (urge)
8 IMPLY A Suggest I’m to take part in a game (4)
IM + PLAY (take part in game)
15 ATTENUATORS N They reduce density of tortes American aunt cooked (9)
(TORTES + A (American) + AUNT)*; the subsidiary indication in this clue should generate an extra N, but doesn’t
16 BUONAMANI R Leading pair of businesses working with fashion designer tips (9)
BU (first pair of BUsinesses) + ON (working) + ARMANI (fashion designer)
18 SAMARITAN A Help just a phone-call away when a chap imprisons girl (9)
AS (when) A MAN (chap) holding RITA (girl)
20 ARABISTS C “Measure of Hebrews is found in skills”: Middle East experts (7)
CAB (Hebrew measure) + IS in ARTS (skills)
22 OIKIST E Boorish fellow I placed as colony’s founder (6)
OIK (boorish fellow) + I SET (placed)
23 INKHOSI Zulu chief unexpectedly OK in his [plans] (6)
25 ADAM Last of carbonara [sauce] on bananas upset man (4)
A (last of carbonarA) + MAD< (bananas)
26 HYMN [Prevents] holy men being disheartened, providing religious music (4)
HY + MN (HolY MeN, both without heart)
27 ROSTIS Fried potato dishes run out? Model’s upset (4)
RO (run out) + SITS< (models)


3 Responses to “Enigmatic Variations 1009: Rash by Kcit”

  1. Kcit says:

    I definitely missed the word length one when proof-reading. The missing N I think came about when I agreed a short-notice late replacement clue for a ‘faulty’ anagram that wasn’t faulty after all – sometimes it’s difficult to remember where the gimmick raises its head!


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