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Financial Times 14,208 by Peto

Posted by Jed on January 11th, 2013


Smooth work out to start the day







10 CLEAN (complete) hidden in [mira]CLE AN[tedote]

11 DISMANTLE (strip) DI (princess) (LAMENTS)*


13 TEMPERA (paint) T (time) E (English) MP (politician) ERA (time)

14 PUT UP (accommodate) PUT (cast) UP (at university)

16 BIFURCATE (divided in two sections)

FIB< (story about) CAT (animal) in URE (river)

19 DERRINGER (gun) DER (German the) RINGER (imposter)

20 HIVES dd

22 ESTATES (the dead leave them) (SET)* (EAST)*


27 MINNESOTA (state) (ISNT ONE)* in MA (mother)

28 ERASE (remove recorded material) AS (arsenic) in ERE (before)


SAND (polish) DRAKE (pirate) in DUCKS (birds)


2 OPERA STAR dd (Ralph Rackstraw from HMS Pinafore)

3 RUN ON (continue without interruption) [gre]NO[ble] in RUN (manage)

4 SADDLEBAG (it’s used by riders) SADDLE (seat) BAG (secure)

5 ONSET (start) ON (forward) SET (position)

6 DEAD MARCH (funeral music)

DEAD (insensitive) (H[andel] CRAM (stuff))< (send up)

7 NITRE (saltpeter) NIT (fool) RE (about)

8 ELEVATE (raise) E (eastern) VAT (vessel) in LEE (shelter)

9 ICE CAP (Pole cover) ICE (drug) CAP (limit)

15 POINTLESS (having little use) LES (the French) in POINTS (details)

17 FIREGUARD (protective device)

U (superior) in GAR (fish) all in FIRED (shot)

18 ADVANTAGE (benefit) VAN  T[ulleken] in ADAGE (saw)

19 DREAMED (suffered delusions) ME (setter) in DREAD (great fear)

21 SUSSED (found out) SS (saints) in DEUS< (god upset)

23 TONIC (medicine) ON (working) in TIC (spasmodic twitching)

24 SWOON (faint) W (women) in SOON (after a short time)

26 OMEGA (last letter) hidden in [jer]OME GA[untlett]

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    < = reverse    dd = double definition

6 Responses to “Financial Times 14,208 by Peto”

  1. AID says:

    I had the same answers, but some details different.
    2D I considered Ralph Rackstraw as opera’s tar
    25A Rounds are discharged following G for good

  2. briggg says:

    Sorry to briefly interrupt today’s thread but could I urge fans of Mudd to visit the fifteensquared Announcenents page, you can navigate to it from the links top left.

  3. Bryan says:

    Briggg @3

    Presumably, you mean fans of Cinephile?

  4. Bryan says:

    Correction: I now see the Mudd announcement.

    However, there are also some comments on Araucaria (aka Cinephile) on today’s Guardian Cryptic.

  5. Tom_I says:

    I agree with AID @1 about 2d. It’s not a double definition. The character Ralph Rackstraw is a sailor in HMS Pinafore, so he is an opera’s tar.

  6. Keeper says:

    It struck me that 29a could have been clued simply as “Game birds”.

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